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Voting is now closed. Round One Finalists - Make My Non-Profit Run Better

Congratulations to all non-profits who participated in this year's contest. What an amazing turnout!

Everyone may vote once per day, per computer.

If you are having difficulties voting, please try using the Internet Explorer browser to vote, as it is the preferred browser for our website.

2nd round of voting ends Friday, November 8th at 5pm.


 Vote here for round two!

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Due to a communications mishap by RK Dixon, there are 6 finalists in the Orange zone. As in all other zones, the finalists were selected based on the number of votes received during the first round of online voting. As a result of this, there are a total of 26 finalists, instead of 25. The number of prizes will remain the same in all zones. For questions regarding this matter, please contact Thank you for your understanding.