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Operation Green

Operation Green

Operation Green LogoIn 2007, we launched “Operation Green – Helping our environment just run better.”  The program was the brainchild of our employees and is designed to minimize our environmental impact.

Since its inception, RK Dixon has made some positive, earth-friendly changes. Listed below are some of our accomplishments.

  • At all of our locations, we recycle paper, cardboard, electronic waste, heat rollers, plastic, glass, magazines, phone books and batteries.
  • Our “last out, lights out” campaign in each of our offices helps reduce our electric bill by shutting off lights in rooms that are not in use.
  • Our employees have access to Purity Plus drinking water to create a healthier alternative to the typical five-gallon jugs.
  • We offer a list of toner recycling options for our customers: Canon,  LanierHPSamsung and Lexmark.
  • Xerox has a great “Take Back Program” that presents many options for recycling copier and printer items.