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Workflow Assessment

360 Workflow Assessment

RK Dixon Workflow AssessmentDo you know how much money you spend on toner every month? How many printers does your business actually own? How much does paper cost you every quarter?

RK Dixon’s FREE 360 workflow assessment will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your copier and printer fleet and your document technology solutions.


Our approach combines the disciplines of Lean and Six Sigma to achieve measurable business results.

  • We begin by identifying your objectives. Whether it is simply identifying all of your assets or a more in-depth calculation of your monthly spending, we need to understand what you are trying to achieve.
  • We start with a detailed walk-through of your company, compiling a complete inventory of all your office systems, including every device in every location. We capture all related information including usage data, direct and indirect costs as well as current vendor and service program details.
  • We will identify inefficiencies such as redundant, underutilized and outdated office systems as well as the inefficient allocation of these resources, hidden costs of outsourced service and supply programs, costly work processes and total cost of ownership.
  • We will outline a new plan designed for cost reduction, vendor and asset consolidation, integrating new technology into your existing fleet, re-engineering your workflow processes and simplifying procurement of office systems, supplies, parts and service.
  • We provide a single source for accountability – one vendor for all your needs. We assume full responsibility for all your service and support needs and provide you with all the supplies you require – and the best part is you receive only one invoice per month.