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IT Solutions

IT Solutions

Looking for help when it comes to the ever-changing world of Information Technology (IT)? You can count on us!

RK Dixon brings you more than 20 years of IT experience. We go beyond offering IT services and leading-edge hardware and software solutions. We get to know your business and create specific IT strategies. The results? You get advanced IT solutions that work for your business.

By getting comprehensive IT solutions tailored to your company’s needs, Everything just runs better!

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IT Planning Services

IT Planning Services

Managing the IT infrastructure within your business can be a daunting task. Technology is changing all the time and it can be overwhelming to make buying decisions, create security protocols and ensure things are working properly. We can help!

Server & Network Infrastructure

Server Network Infrastructure

From your server room to your network closet, you can count on RK Dixon to design, implement and optimize your network infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Have you heard about the cloud, but aren’t quite sure if it’s right for your business? Our experienced team of IT professionals will work with you to explore whether the cloud can help your business run better.

VoIP Solutions

Voip Solutions

With VoIP – or Voice over IP – phone solutions, you can streamline communications, improve collaboration and support mobility within your business.

Security & Disaster Recovery

Private Cloud

Information security and disaster recovery can be an overwhelming task. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you have a solid plan in place to help you protect what’s important.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Hardware Software Procurement

Are you trying to purchase new hardware or software but don’t have time to decipher all the options available to you?

Focus on your business while we focus on your IT!

With Managed IT you can count on us to manage, maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure.